HERA's education platform partners with University of Kurdistan Hewlêr

One of our students in the Divan school

One of our students in the Divan school

HERA received the support of the University of Kurdistan Hewlêr for the 48 children in our Divan temporary camp school. The partnership affirms a commitment to educating internally displaced persons who left their homes due to ISIS and now live in temporary communities across Northern Iraq. 

From UKH's official press release:

UKH formalises a supportive partnership with the Yazidi Camp (Erbil) to assist with their ‘Back to school’ educational programme

"The Critical Needs Support Foundation (CNSF) and their funding partner Heraion (HERA) approached UKH as the flagship university of Kurdistan, for help and support in preparing the 48 Yazidi children currently living in the temporary camp adjacent to Hotel Divan, in a ‘Back to school programme’ for school entry this year. Any positive and purposeful recreational, social activities that will engage and help them in their healthy social and educational development, will be welcomed. One of the main strategies is to recruit volunteers from UKH through a volunteer engagement plan and the announcement has now been sent out across the entire University.

As well as the children’s educational needs, the adults need support in language learning and skills/crafts and any suitable activities that will help equip them for their future sustainability and livelihoods. Many initiatives have been proposed, including a small shop on the site, a site ‘clear-up’ and arts/crafts. Now volunteers are needed to help make this happen!
UKH has already helped CNSF recruit a Part-time teacher of English language, literature and arts, this talented individual will be a consistent part of their existing team of volunteer teachers and helpers, but they are in urgent need of more volunteers to assist with filling the week’s timetable.

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Kurdistan Hewler has officially confirmed UKH’s support to CNSF and HERA and we look forward to giving as much help as possible. All talents are welcome, whether sports is your passion or teaching science! As the announcement states, if you have no available time, appropriate donations or fundraising events are all very welcome. UKH’s brand endorsement is going to help the camp significantly in raising their profile and in helping meet their urgent educational needs. If you are interested in volunteering or donating, please click this link to fill out the form."