The cover picture of the boy and his sheep

"What's most amazing in all this is the resiliency of youth."

- HERA President, Davey Gibian

This is the story of our current cover photo.

While driving out of a bombed out, deserted village recently retaken from ISIS, we came across two boys and a flock of sheep. The two boys herded sheep just a few hundred yards from the Kurdish front line, near Mosul. They said they often grazed in the kilometers between ISIS and Peshmerga forces, in the low areas between strategic points of high ground. War to the boys had become the norm. Kurdish, ISIS, coalition, and Iraqi forces traded the land the boys' sheep grazed in, yet it did not stop the boys. 

We are inspired by the nonchalant bravery and fortitude of these young shepherds and hoped to share their smiling image with the world.