Clothing Aid Needed

HERA is raising donations of clothing, especially winter clothing, for children on the front lines of the liberation of Mosul. The UN estimates that there are over 1 million civilians without adequate shelter. With winter approaching, a jacket can mean the difference between life and death for a young child.

 "We need help brother," said the voice on the line. "The situation
is really, really bad. Children are digging holes in the earth trying
to stay alive. There is no food. It's winter here brother. Can you
send me one of your jackets? I will give it to a kid."

It was 4:15am New York time and HERA's Country Director was
calling me from the front. He was crouching in a field, distributing food to children orphaned by ISIS digging holes into the earth.
With no shelter and with the nights becoming colder, these holes were the only way to stay warm. "What more can we do, brother"?
the voice on the line asked. "I don't want more of them to die".

Since the beginning of Mosul liberation operations several weeks
ago, thousands of civilians, many of them young children are
stranded in the surrounding countryside. With humanitarian operations overwhelmed with need, it is typically the least able persons who find themselves without care.

We need your help donating unwanted clothing. 

HERA is raising donations to support these persons. As we are able to operate closer to the front lines than any other non profit organization, we can distribute live-saving clothing aid before it is too late. Once a month, we are shipping a container of clothing from upstate New York to Iraq for immediate distribution. 

But we need your help. If you can organize a clothing donation through your school, community, congregation, or network, please contact

Somewhere south of Mosul, there is a small child with my jacket. Can you please send one of yours as well?

Thank you,