Heraion Foundation Partner's Work SHOWCASED on CNN

Updated 10:05 PM EST February 22, 2017: Anderson Cooper from CNN recently featured Heraion Foundation partner Sally Becker and the family of young Dilbireen. Please click the link below to see the heartwarming story and to hear from Sally herself. 

Click here for the profile video shared by Anderson Cooper

Our local partner's work in reuniting a family is showcased by CNN and shares the launch of our new hospital initiative in Northern Iraq. 


Heraion Foundation partner Sally Becker was recently featured in an article on CNN.com for her work with a young Yazidi boy and his family. Sally played an integral part in reuniting young Dilbireen with his family and ensuring he would continue to receive medical treatment for previous injuries from a devastating fire. The article provided below will share the details of his story. 

Sally names The Heraion Foundation to CNN as her local partner in Northern Iraq, working together to open a children's hospital to serve those unable to flee the conflict. 

Sally is a highly respected humanitarian known around the globe for her decades of work serving children in conflict zones. In November 2014, Sally established Road to Peace, a non-profit organization working with charities and individuals across the world to help build alliances between communities in conflict and to facilitate vital medical treatment for sick or injured children.