Education and Post-Trauma Rehabilitation 




Duhok & Erbil, Iraq


The wars of today are fought with guns. We must fight the wars of tomorrow with books, today. 

Combating extremism and gender-based violence is about more than military force. A long-term solution to combat the recruitment of violent extremists requires youth education. In many parts of Iraq and Syria, youth of all ages are unable to receive an education. If education is not provided, these youth face an outsized potential of joining extremist groups, becoming unemployed, or engaging in illicit activities. To stabilize active conflict zones, education must remain a primary focus for the next generation.  

Following enrollment, HERA's programming involves a combination of mental health post-trauma treatment combined with an educational curriculum. Together, these two components not only ease the transition back into society, but also provide the children with a collaborative peer group with whom they can grow and develop.